* Wait times listed are for entry into the United States.

Border Wait Times at Presidio, Real-Time Mexico to United States.


Hours: 24 hrs/day
Date: 7/18/2024

Commercial Vehicles

Maximum Lanes: 2
General Lanes: Lanes Closed
Fast Lanes: Lanes Closed

Passenger Vehicles

Maximum Lanes: 4
General Lanes: At 4:00 am CDT 10 min delay 1 lane(s) open
Sentri Lanes: Lanes Closed
Ready Lanes: Lanes Closed


Maximum Lanes: 1
General Lanes: Lanes Closed
Ready Lanes: Lanes Closed
Last Updated: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 04:38:14 EST
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Presidio Border Crossing.

Presidio border crossing, situated between the United States and Mexico, serves as a vital point of entry connecting these two nations. General information about the Presidio border crossing: Strategic Location: The Presidio border crossing is strategically located, linking Presidio County in Texas, USA, with Ojinaga in Chihuahua, Mexico. It offers a gateway to explore the diverse cultural, historical, and natural wonders of both countries.
Transnational Trade Hub: The border crossing plays a significant role in facilitating transnational trade and commerce. It enables the movement of goods, fostering economic growth and supporting business activities between the United States and Mexico. Cultural Fusion: The Presidio border crossing embodies a fusion of cultures, as it connects the unique heritage of Texas and Chihuahua. Travelers can immerse themselves in the rich traditions, languages, and culinary delights of both regions.
Scenic Border Region: The border crossing is located in a picturesque region, surrounded by scenic landscapes, including the Big Bend National Park in the United States and the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and wildlife spotting. Border Security Measures: Presidio border crossing prioritizes border security to ensure the safe and legal movement of individuals and goods. Customs and immigration officials implement necessary measures to maintain border integrity.
Gateway for Tourism: The border crossing serves as a gateway for tourists, granting access to remarkable attractions on both sides. Travelers can explore historical sites, visit charming towns, experience authentic Mexican cuisine, and discover the unique Texan culture. Community Connectivity: The Presidio border crossing fosters social and economic ties between the border communities on either side. Local businesses thrive on cross-border trade, and residents benefit from cultural exchange and cooperation.
Border Crossing Infrastructure: The infrastructure at the Presidio border crossing includes customs and immigration facilities, lanes for vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and necessary amenities for travelers. It ensures a smooth and efficient border crossing process. Collaboration and Cooperation: Authorities on both sides of the border collaborate to ensure efficient border management and trade facilitation. The Presidio border crossing exemplifies the cooperation between the United States and Mexico in maintaining cross-border relations. Historical Significance: The Presidio border crossing area has a rich historical significance. It is an ancient migratory route used by indigenous communities and later witnessed significant historical events. Visitors can explore the historical sites and learn about the region's past.You can visit websites such as BordersWaitTime.com to get up-to-date information on wait times at various border crossings.