* Wait times listed are for entry into the United States.

Border Wait Times at Nogales Mariposa, Real-Time Mexico to United States.

Nogales - Mariposa

Hours: 6 am-10 pm
Date: 7/18/2024

Commercial Vehicles

Maximum Lanes: 8
General Lanes: Update pending: Please refresh the page after a few minutes.
Fast Lanes: Update pending: Please refresh the page after a few minutes.

Passenger Vehicles

Maximum Lanes: 13
General Lanes: Update pending: Please refresh the page after a few minutes.
Sentri Lanes: Update pending: Please refresh the page after a few minutes.
Ready Lanes: Update pending: Please refresh the page after a few minutes.


Maximum Lanes: 6
General Lanes: Update pending: Please refresh the page after a few minutes.
Ready Lanes: Update pending: Please refresh the page after a few minutes.
Last Updated: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 02:42:01 EST
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Nogales Mariposa Border Crossings.

Nogales-Mariposa Port of Entry, located on the border between the United States and Mexico, is a key border crossing point offering various entry options. General information about the Nogales-Mariposa border crossing: Nogales-Mariposa Port of Entry: As an important land border crossing, Nogales-Mariposa provides access for both pedestrians and vehicles. Situated in Nogales, Arizona, it connects directly to the neighboring city of Nogales, Sonora, in Mexico. Nogales-Mariposa facilitates a significant volume of cross-border travel, trade, and tourism.
Customs and Immigration Procedures: Travelers crossing the border at Nogales-Mariposa must comply with customs and immigration procedures. It is essential to follow immigration regulations, present valid travel documents, and undergo inspections to ensure a secure and lawful passage for individuals and goods.
Commercial and Shopping Opportunities: Nogales-Mariposa offers a range of commercial and shopping opportunities. Visitors can explore local markets, retail outlets, and duty-free shops, where they can find a variety of products, including clothing, electronics, handicrafts, and regional specialties.
Cross-Border Community: The Nogales-Mariposa border crossing serves as a bridge between the United States and Mexico, fostering cross-border connections and community bonds. It promotes cultural exchanges, economic cooperation, and social interactions, contributing to a vibrant and diverse cross-border community.
Infrastructure and Border Facilities: The Nogales-Mariposa border crossing boasts modern infrastructure and well-equipped facilities to accommodate the flow of travelers. Advanced technology and security measures are in place to ensure a safe and efficient border crossing experience.
Tourism and Travel Convenience: Nogales Mariposa Port of Entry provides convenient transportation options and services for tourists and travelers. Whether it's accessing public transportation connections or rental car facilities, visitors can easily reach the border crossing and explore the surrounding areas, ensuring a seamless travel experience.
Border Services: Nogales-Mariposa offers essential border services to facilitate travel and trade. These services may include currency exchange, immigration assistance, vehicle inspections, and support with customs documentation. These descriptions provide insights into the Nogales-Mariposa border crossing, highlighting its location, customs and immigration procedures, commercial and shopping opportunities, cross-border community, infrastructure and border facilities, tourism and travel convenience, and available border services.If you prefer to travel by airplane, here are some instructions to help you find the best deals. Try to find fast, easy, and secure booking at affordable prices for cheap tickets, flights, discounted fares, and budget airlines. Whether you're looking for affordable airfare, bargain tickets, or last-minute flight deals, book now and travel later to save on future trips. Take advantage of the best prices, discounted tickets, and value flights for a budget-friendly and cost-effective air travel experience. By utilizing websites such as BordersWaitTime.com, you can streamline your travel plans with real-time updates on wait times at different border crossings. This allows you to optimize your trip by selecting the best crossing and timing, anticipating delays and making proactive adjustments for a smooth and stress-free border crossing experience. If you prefer to travel by car, you can save money by opting for cheap car rentals, vehicle leasing, or discounted rental car services. Enjoy affordable rates and convenient reservations with car rental agencies. For budget-friendly transportation, consider taking advantage of cheap bus tickets for intercity travel, bus tours, or public bus services. Similarly, you can find affordable taxi services with cheap fares, reliable transportation, and easy bookings. Ensure you choose a reputable car rental company with a solid track record. Similarly, exercise caution when selecting a taxi service and be wary of unauthorized or unlicensed taxi companies. Your safety and security are paramount, so always prioritize legitimate and reliable transportation providers. Safe travels and enjoy your journey!