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Border Wait Times at Fabens - Tornillo, Real-Time Mexico to United States.

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Fabens - Tornillo Border Crossing.

Situated on the United States–Mexico border, the Marcelino Serna Port of Entry, formerly known as the Tornillo Port of Entry, is a border crossing that was renamed in April 2017. It began operations on November 17, 2014, superseding the Fabens Port of Entry. The crossing, centered around the Tornillo–Guadalupe International Bridge, is located about 1,800 feet (550 m) west of the former Fabens–Caseta International Bridge and is designed to accommodate vehicular, pedestrian, and commercial traffic. The crossing’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility was used as the Tornillo tent city, housing as many as 2,800 detained migrant youths from June 2018 to January 2019. A holding facility for adult migrants, with a capacity of 2,500 beds, is under construction at the site as of July 2019. Fabens-Tornillo border crossing, located between Fabens, Texas, in the United States, and Tornillo, Chihuahua, in Mexico, offers a unique and diverse border crossing experience. General information about the Fabens-Tornillo border crossing: Picturesque Desert Landscape: Fabens-Tornillo border crossing is situated in the scenic desert landscape of West Texas. Travelers can enjoy breathtaking views of desert terrain, including mesas, arroyos, and vast open spaces, creating a unique atmosphere during their border crossing.The port was renamed the Marcelino Serna Port of Entry in April 2017.
Gateway to the Borderland: The Fabens-Tornillo border crossing serves as a gateway to the vibrant Borderland region, where the cultures and influences of the United States and Mexico converge. Visitors can explore the unique blend of traditions, cuisine, and artistry that characterize this border area. Proximity to El Paso: The border crossing is in close proximity to El Paso, Texas, a bustling city known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere. Travelers can easily access El Paso's attractions, including museums, historic sites, and lively entertainment venues. Cultural Exchange: Fabens-Tornillo border crossing provides an opportunity for cultural exchange between the United States and Mexico. Travelers can immerse themselves in the diverse customs, traditions, and languages of both countries, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the region.
Agricultural Importance: The Fabens-Tornillo border crossing plays a significant role in facilitating the transportation of agricultural goods between the United States and Mexico. The region is known for its fertile farmlands and agricultural production, making it an essential hub for cross-border trade in fresh produce. Cross-Border Community Connections: The border crossing fosters connections and relationships between the local communities on both sides of the border. It serves as a meeting point for residents and visitors, promoting social, cultural, and economic ties between Fabens, Tornillo, and their neighboring towns.
Customs and Immigration Facilities: The border crossing features customs and immigration facilities to ensure compliance with regulations and security measures. Travelers crossing the border are required to present necessary documentation and may undergo inspections to facilitate a smooth and secure crossing process. Natural Beauty and Outdoor Recreation: The Fabens-Tornillo border crossing is surrounded by the natural beauty of the West Texas desert. Travelers can explore nearby parks, nature reserves, and outdoor recreational areas, providing opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and other outdoor activities.
Border Security: As with all border crossings, Fabens-Tornillo emphasizes border security to maintain the integrity of the border. Customs and immigration officials are present to enforce regulations and ensure the safe and lawful movement of people and goods. Economic Significance: The border crossing contributes to the economic vitality of the region by facilitating cross-border trade, tourism, and commercial activities. It supports local businesses, employment opportunities, and economic growth in Fabens, Tornillo, and the surrounding areas.
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